I was raised in Savannah, GA. After graduating in 2012 with a degree in Political Science, I spent several years working in various high level corporate jobs but would soon find out this life was not meant for me. After moving back to Savannah for a job that I soon found out was a dead-end, I decided to re-invent myself. I observed a hidden sub-culture in my beloved city of Savannah and set out to talk about it through film. What was supposed to be a short artist showcase turned into a 15 minute story about some incredible local individuals that were using art to escape the difficulties that life was handing them. I made a discovery after completing the film, that my passion lies in filmmaking and telling the stories of people who would never be heard.




"C-Port" - a local slang term for our beautiful city of Savannah, GA. Depending on who you ask it could be related to the slave trade or just being a port by the sea. Either way it has an entrenched meaning and carries a lot of weight to the locals. 

"landia" - Suffix. (humorous) A fictional or metaphorical place relating to the person or thing being suffixed.

Savannah is a mythical place. Its picturesque beauty attracts tourists from all over the world. What many don't know is that Savannah is a veneer. Beneath that veneer is a city being torn apart by gang violence, poverty and corruption. The kind of things that wont make it into the tourist brochures. C-Portlandia wants to bring light to the issues that our city is facing. We want to cast light on what is really going on out here. We don't want to stop at why so many of our citizens are dying for no reason, but find a way to fix it. C-Portlandia Productions strongly believes a lot of the issues start at a youth level and we are proud to be making efforts to contribute to local institutions that are working with our troubled youth. 


Please take a moment and learn more about our projects and take part in helping our city heal.


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