Demo Reel for Taylor Henderson August 2017

UPDATE 8/11/2017 We are putting "the SAV: Documentary" on the festival circuit. For the time being we have taken down the public link per the festivals request. If you would like a private link please contact us via the contact button above or the email link below. Thank you and wish us luck!


the SAV: Documentary is a year long project observing Savannah's disconnected hip hop music scene. Despite being a city of under 500,000 people, the underground hip hop scene is vastly isolated. This isolation stems from creative differences, geographical identity and a city's history of violence. the SAV: Documentary sets out to highlight the differences between the east-side, west-side, south-side and downtown artists. Unbeknownst to them the only thing that separates them apart is a street sign. The focus of this film is understand the reason behind Savannah's lack of musical identity and dissolve the isolation that occurs between city streets. 


Music video for the hit single "In my City" by Reese da Don produced by C-Portlandia Productions directed by Taylor Henderson filmed by Taylor Henderson

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